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Our A-Team traveled out to Highlands Ranch, Colorado to organize a BMW dealers tool room.

Transcript of BMW Tool Management for Special Service Tools using Toolsguard Mobile App

Ok, we’re just wrapping up here. We’re at Schomp BMW and we’re in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Right outside of Denver. This shows you what their tool room turned out like. 

This tool room is setup with Toolsguard. A mobile app that allows the service technicians to sign tools in and out.

We have all their legacy and heavy fixtures over on this shelf. Everything is labeled and QR coded. The technicians can sign it out by the QR code or by the number.

All their stuff on the shelves are the same way. Everything tells you where to bring it back to.

If a technician takes a tool from the special tools room, he won’t have to figure out where to return it as the app or the label will tell them.

Outside view of Highlands Ranch BMW
BMW of Highlands Ranch, Colorado

(continued from above…)

Ok, over here we have all their older cables and tools… we call them “legacy” and they are broke down by numbers. This whole tool room is organized by the BMW tool number, lowest to highest.

These tool totes are broke down that same way. We recommend to our customers that if they ever have to go into these totes to retrieve a tool, at that point and time place it on a panel.

Here we have a tool box we made up to store the spring compressors.

With that, we worked for Greg Geist and we met Jay, David and Mark. Great group of guys! What a beautiful part of the country.

We thank Tool Organization for the job and we thank God for his help as always. And with that we’re going to get on down the road.

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