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Chevrolet GMC Tool Storage

Chevrolet GMC Tool Storage Organization

Chevrolet GMC Tool Storage Organization

Our A-Team traveled out to Baird, Texas to perform a Chevrolet GMC tool storage organization project. Watch us makeover a Chevy GMC dealer with our tool storage organization system in Texas.

Transcript of Our Chevrolet GMC Tool Storage

We're just wrapping up here at Hanner Chevrolet GMC. This is 2017. We organized this dealership back in 2012. We came back to do a re-do here.

They had fifteen existing panels when I arrived here, and they expanded their room to twice the size it used to be. There used to be a wall right there where you see that beam. So, we had panels on this wall, and we had panels on this opposing wall.

So, when we got here we constructed another wall for them so we could put all the panels on one wall, and then, we moved the panels around and re-spaced them and this is how it turned out.

There's twenty-five panels here. They've got five panels for growth and then they added on two more shelves to their system and then they also added on, this new feature, that Tool Organization is offering...this tote rack.

And we made them up transmission boxes, and we labeled them. And, they are in this nice rack now.

This shows you their shelves and their kits. They are labeled. This one is with fixtures. This shows you going down the other way.

Chevrolet GMC Tool Storage Organization

Now, they are going to use all this wall space for equipment. They are bringing in all their equipment also.

This is how the organization turned out. This is a twenty-five panel system now, and it has all the essential and recommended tools hanging on their panels.

With that, I'm going to thank Tool Organization for the job. We're going to thank God for his help as always.

It was nice seeing the guys again. We seen Chris, and Clutch, and John...the guys we worked for before when we were here. Great group of guys.

We also hung up their dog tags and put up their guys names that they had. It's a smaller shop, so they don't have that many, but that's how it turned out.

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Chevrolet Tool Storage Oragnization at Daphne, Alabama


Chevrolet Tool Storage Organization

Our A-Team traveled out to Daphne, Alablama to perform a Chevrolet tool storage organization project.

Watch us makeover a Chevy dealer with our tool storage organization system in Alabama.

Transcript of Our Chevrolet Tool Storage Organization

Here is an Chevrolet tool storage project completed in Daphne, AL by Tool Org’s own A-Team, Woody and Dawn.

We’re just wrapping up here at Terry Thompson Chevrolet, and we are in Daphne, Alabama. They built this little room over here and this is where we put their tool room in.

This is a sixteen panel job. Panels were setup on twelve inch centers. Everything in this tool room is in a numerical sequence, from lowest to highest. That’s how the whole tool system works. You don’t think about the alpha, the “J”, the “DT” or “G” or any of that, you just think about the number. And everything is in that number sequence. From lowest to highest.

External Photo of Terry Thomspon Chevrolet

Chevrolet Tool Storage Organization at Terry Thompson’s in Daphne, Alabama

This shows you that we mounted five panels over here. We had to mount 2 x 6’s to the drywall and paint them and that’s how that turned out. You can see back there, it looks real nice. Because this was a finished room when we got here.

We put little bumpers on the walls for the boards so they don’t damage the drywall. This shows you the recommended tools. They had this shelf when we got here, and we pulled all their tools out of it and we inventoried everything and then we re-purposed that shelf and re-used their totes for recommended tools. They are all broke down by numbers as you can see.

This shows you what one of the panels look like. We’ve got spacer brackets on top to keep everything at a twelve inch distance. We use these nice baskets for these assembly tools. There shows you going down the other way.

This is a small room, but we made it happen. Then we have three shelves in this room and we have all their kits on these shelves. We have everything labeled. We also made them up transmission boxes, so all the transmission tools for these particular transmissions are in these kits. So, when they come to do that they don’t have to gather up a bunch of different components, they just grab that box that has all the components in there and go do their transmission.

We also have them setup with the dog-tag system here. Shows you their dog tags. They are labeled, so, when you come in to get a set tool, you take one of these dog tags – whatever the guys number is and put it where the tool is that he needs. When you return it, you put the dog tag back.

Ok. With that, I have one more area here. We worked with Charlie over here and Jason. Both of them are…I met Terry Thompson, the owner… all three guys were very nice, very helpful.

Back in here, we have their non-current tools broke down by numbers. Our recommendation is, when we finish here, that the customer goes through these tools, and if they see anything that they are still using in these boxes, to pull it out. If not, at that point and time, our recommendation is to discard them.

This shows you two more shelves that we built back here for them. We have their heavy fixtures and their electrical connectors on them. Eventually, this will be moved up closer to that room. But, right now, this is where they had us set it up.

Ok. With that, we’re going to thank Tool Org. for the job. We’re going to thank God for His help as always.

Once again, if you need to have your tool system done, you should look on the web for “Tool Organization Services” and them are the people you contact. Even if you need just a consultation, that would be who you contact. They’ll direct you on what’s going to be best for your particular situation.

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Chevrolet Subaru Tool Organization for White’s Mountain at Casper, Wyoming


Chevrolet Subaru Tool Organization for White’s Mountain at Casper, Wyoming

The A-Team traveled out to Casper, Wyoming to organize a tool room for the White’s Chevrolet Subaru dealership.

Watch Video of our Tool Organization for White’s Chevrolet Subaru

Ok, were just wrapping up here at White Mountain Chevrolet…Subaru

aannddd….This is how it came out.

We had sixteen panels and two sections of wall mount for the Chevy store

and you can see how that came out. We put the two pieces of wall-mount here

Giving them some room to grow on top

This shows you their sixteen panels

They have two panels…at the end for growth.

We hung up the essential tools and any tools we’ve seen used, and then uh…any recommended tools we’ve seen used

and then the other recommended tools we containerized and broke them into small number groups, and put them down here on the shelf

This particular job, we also made up tranny kits, which you can see on the shelf here

We used our blue boxes for made up tranny kits, and uhh…

There is a fixture against the wall

But there is what it looks like going down through the other way

They had six of these shelves, so, we reused these shelves, and we’ve got all their kits on here in numerical sequence…all labeled. Nice, as you can see.

And then, over here, we have another shelf and we put the Subaru kits on it.

And then some Subaru tools under their that we could not identify, so, I couldn’t say they were non-current, but…

So, we left them for them to make a call on them. I don’t want to get rid of anything anybody needs.

So, here’s five…their five panels. And we went almost to the end on the Subaru…right on the last panel

You can see the before video of this job. It was quite a place

Over here, is all their fixtures…we used these shelves for that.

Then, over in here, we have all their non-current tools that we’ve taken out

We got quite a stack of them. They are going to put them out in the warehouse

And then over here, we took all this stuff out – which really has nothing to do with specialty tools. It’s just old car parts and all kinds of different stuff, so…

With that, we worked for Ron over here, and Brad. They were awesome guys. They were great help, and we think their job turned out really nice

So, with that, I’m going to thank Tool Org for the job and I’m going to thank God for his help as always and I’m going to go ahead and shut er’ down.

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Jennings Beardstown Tool Organization

GM Special Tool Organization for Jennings at Beardstown, Illinois


GM Special Tool Organization for Jennings at Beardstown, Illinois

The A-Team traveled out to Beardstown, Illinois to organize a tool room for the Jennings Chevrolet Buick GMC dealership.

Watch Video of GM Special Tool Organization for Jennings Chevrolet

Just wrapping up here at Jennings Chevrolet Buick GMC in Beardstown, Illinois.

This is an eighteen panel job with four shelves and three pieces of wall mount.

And this is how it came out.

We’ll do a walk around. You can see the four shelves here.

This first shelf has fixtures on it, and these other three shelves have their kits.

Everything is labeled nice, and in numerical sequence.

Down over in here we have their recommended and double tools.

I also saved the latest non-current tool on the bottom.

And that’s broke down from zero to forty-four, nine, nine, nine. All the other recommended tools were hung up.

Here, it show you the two pieces, er… three pieces of wall mount back here.

And you come around, you can see their eighteen panels.

There is one panel for growth right now…one and a little but, but, it ate up these panels pretty good.

Over in here, I’ve got the volt fixture.

And that shows you…down through their, what it turned out like.

We took, uh… nineteen boxes of junk out of this job, so…

I’ve got all that out here.

See all these boxes here? These are all their non-current tools, and they are broke down numerically, and these are non-current fixtures.

So, this is what was taken out of this tool system.

And with that, we’re going to thank Tool Org for the job.

We’re going to thank God for His help, as always.

We worked for Troy down here, and we met Rich and, um… Roger Jenning, the owner.

Nice guys, aanndd… with that I’m going to go ahead and I’m gonna shut er down.

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Organize Tools Chevrolet Dealerships

Organize Tools Chevrolet Dealerships In Garden City Kansas


Organize Tools Chevrolet Dealerships In Garden City Kansas

Watch Video Of Our Tool Organization For Lewis Chevrolet Cadillac in Garden City Kansas

Ok, we’re just wrapping up here at Lewis Chevrolet Cadillac in Garden City, Kansas.

And…this is how it turned out.

Up here, we built a wall…you can see it up their.

Down here, you can see this is all parts.

This is like the main busy intersection, so, it has definitely been a challenge just getting through here and getting up.

I’m going to walk up the steps, and I’ll show you what it looks like up here.

There again is the wall. You can see where it’s attached to the ceiling.

We’re also attached to the floor, and, uh…we put plywood and pegboard on it.

And you come into the tool room.

Over here, we have eleven panels…full-size panels.

And we put a piece of peb board right here that they can utilize for tools if they need to.

And then you come down here, and we have these custom panels. And we have seven custom panels.

We had to cut them off because we had a duct down on the bottom.

You can see, we…we made them a short, uh…a foot shorter.

We put peg board back here that they can also add tools.

They have room for growth on the backside of that board, on the very end.

You can see how it came out.

It’s a nice tool room.

A little tighter then we like down through here right now, but they are going to move that shelf back their and then this can go back a little further.

There’s all their kits, they are all labeled.

If it’s an essential kit there will be a tag on the board referring back to it.

Here’s another shelf…we put their engine stand stuff down their in them two blue totes.

We put fixtures…got some of their tubes hanging here.

Up their, that’s just miscellaneous hardware and stuff.

That shows ya…we put plywood down on the floor here for working up on this mezzanine.

Over in here, we’ve got six boxes of the older recommended tools, broke down in numerical sequences.

And that top box their is extra supplies.

Over in here are the latest, or the, the newest non-current tools that we always keep around.

That’s a high voltage box on top their.

Come over in this room.

This is the room that we inventoried in.

And there is all the non-current tools that we’ve taken out of here.

There were eleven boxes of stuff that were taken out of here.

And there is still some non-current kits downstairs that they’re gonna go through and just get out of the building.

But, this is how it turned out.

We worked for Jordan over here. We worked in Adams parts department.

They are some awesome guys.

We had Cory help us, Jeff help us a little.

And, uh…with that…and we worked with Mike.

Awesome guys, real nice guys.

They treated us really good, and showed us hospitality out here in Kansas.

And with that, we’re going to thank Tool Org. for the job and we’re going to thank God for His help as always.

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Tool Organization Chevrolet Cadillac Dealership – Houma, LA


Tool Organization Chevrolet Cadillac Dealership – Houma, LA

Ok, we’re just wrapping up at Trapp Chevrolet…in Houma, Louisiana.

This was, uh, a job that had eight existing panels.

They added in eleven panels and purchased four shelves from Tool Org.

Uhmmm… out… this is outside, they had this room built.

We are out in a mezzanine, and uh… I’m going to do a walk around and I’m going to bring…

I’ve got “Vanna” over here, she’s going to show you a couple of things on this job.

Aanndd…uh…you can see how it come out.

And it helps, because you can’t see who’s behind the camera but atleast you can see one of the people who did the job if I put her in front of the camera.

So, this is how it turned out.

Here is there eight existing panels on this wall.

We thought they had seven originally, but they actually had eight.

Aanndd…. over here, we have a basket…Dawn is going to move these panels so that you can see…

We wanted to show you, we started to use these baskets…

We have three different sizes of these baskets. This is the large one.

I’ll get in here a little better to see it.

But it really works out well. Here…up here…there’s a small one.

Aanndd…maybe she can find you a medium one, as I…as I go around the room a little bit.

Here’s their kits on these three shelves, ok…and they are labeled.

And they are somewhat in a numerical sequence. Starting with the lowest numbers, moving to the higher numbers.

And that’s how that works out.

Over here…we have recommended tools that are containerized from zero to thirty nine, nine, ni…thirty nine, nine, nine, nine.

Uh, to save space on the boards we conatinerized them.

We broke them down into sequences, so you can see…

if you are looking for an old recommended tool, it will be on the list.

It will show up as an “R” on your Excel spreadsheet, and you’ll just have to come in here and get it.

And, if you get it out there more than once, you should go ahead and hang it up on your boards.

Here’s one of their other shelves, and we utilize this for their fixtures.

Down here we kept the latest non-current tools in that grey box, on top of that black box…that would be their double tools.

So, ok…I’m going to come back over to “Vanna” Dawn…here she is.

She’s found a basket over here, aanndd…there’s a medium basket.

There you see a medium basket in use.

And this is how it came out.

It turned out really nice, they built a great room.

Uhmm… we mounted two pieces of flat wall mount that you can see…onto their wall.

Dawn, will you pull that other door…will you move that door and that so I can see back their also.

And here’s another piece of uh…flat wall mount.

And we utilized, started utilizing this for…some fixtures.

We thought they could utilize it for some of their universals stuff like I’ve got up top there.

Aannnddddd….Ok. Am I missing anything “Vanna”? “Vanna” Dawn…

Ok, and with that we’re going to thank Tool Org for the job and we’re going to thank God for his help as always.

We’ve had a great stay down here.

We worked for Burt, and Dale…

I’m telling you what, these Louisiana guys are just awesome…

And they really showed us hospitality down here and helped us.

This was a five day project and we’re just wrapping up.

It’s Friday, aannddd… with that I think I’ll do another swing around…

And show you my beautiful bride, there she is…

Do you want to say goodbye to them, hon?

Dawn: Goodbye!

And with that I’m going to go ahead and shut er’ down.

Tool Organization for Chevrolet Dealerships


Tool Organization for Chevrolet Dealerships

We updated and organized an existing tool room for ValMark Chevrolet, a dealership in New Braunfels, Texas. Their tool room is upstairs on a mezzanine in the parts department.

They had 9 existing Pivoting Panels from a long time ago, that we reused and put new spacing brackets on the top so they don’t bump into each other.

We added six new panels and four new shelving units to the existing system. The Essential special tools were organized onto the Pivoting Panels. We placed the recommended tools in containers (numerically). Their kits are in sequence on the shelves.

We removed a bunch of non-current tools from their system – probably around twenty containers.

We would like to thank Justin Kelley and ValMark Chevrolet for choosing the Tool Organization System and Service for their Chevrolet Special Service Tools.