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Chevrolet GMC Tool Storage

Chevrolet GMC Tool Storage Organization

Chevrolet GMC Tool Storage Organization

Our A-Team traveled out to Baird, Texas to perform a Chevrolet GMC tool storage organization project. Watch us makeover a Chevy GMC dealer with our tool storage organization system in Texas.

Transcript of Our Chevrolet GMC Tool Storage

We're just wrapping up here at Hanner Chevrolet GMC. This is 2017. We organized this dealership back in 2012. We came back to do a re-do here.

They had fifteen existing panels when I arrived here, and they expanded their room to twice the size it used to be. There used to be a wall right there where you see that beam. So, we had panels on this wall, and we had panels on this opposing wall.

So, when we got here we constructed another wall for them so we could put all the panels on one wall, and then, we moved the panels around and re-spaced them and this is how it turned out.

There's twenty-five panels here. They've got five panels for growth and then they added on two more shelves to their system and then they also added on, this new feature, that Tool Organization is offering...this tote rack.

And we made them up transmission boxes, and we labeled them. And, they are in this nice rack now.

This shows you their shelves and their kits. They are labeled. This one is with fixtures. This shows you going down the other way.

Chevrolet GMC Tool Storage Organization

Now, they are going to use all this wall space for equipment. They are bringing in all their equipment also.

This is how the organization turned out. This is a twenty-five panel system now, and it has all the essential and recommended tools hanging on their panels.

With that, I'm going to thank Tool Organization for the job. We're going to thank God for his help as always.

It was nice seeing the guys again. We seen Chris, and Clutch, and John...the guys we worked for before when we were here. Great group of guys.

We also hung up their dog tags and put up their guys names that they had. It's a smaller shop, so they don't have that many, but that's how it turned out.

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Get Organized!

Don’t let your valuable tools sit lost somewhere on a shelf or out in the shop.

Buick GM Essential Tools Organization Systems At Mitchell Buick GMC


Buick GM Essential Tools Organization Systems At Mitchell Buick GMC

Watch Video Of Our Buick GMC Essential Tools Organization System in San Angelo Texas

Buick GM Essential Tools Organization Systems – The A-Team traveled out to San Angelo, Texas to organize a tool room for the Mitchell Buick GMC dealership.

Ok, this is Mitchell GMC Buick.

And this is going up to a mezzanine…where we installed the panel system.

There’s the non currents that we pulled out of the system.

These…this is where all the tools were went we first got here.

You can see it’s all cleaned up.

And, then…the tool room is actually back here in this area…

You can see, it’s quite a ways.

So, it was quite a task for Woody, he had to bring all these panels…and kits and everything this way here.

Here are all of the kits…on the shelves.

Nice, numerical order…as best we can.

Then we have here, the recommended tools…from zero to 49999.

And here is their panels. They have twelve panels.

You can see…their in kind of a little storage area, slash, tool room.

But, it works out good for the guys.

You can see the panels, kind of have a nice move and swing to them.

We had to put some boards in the back for extra support.

So, this is the tool system upstairs.

They have a panel left for growth, and they have extra room here to put extra panels onto if they want to…which is good.

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Tool Room Organization Buick GMC – Geoff Penske, Reading, Pennyslvania


Tool Room Organization Buick GMC – Geoff Penske, Reading, Pennyslvania

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We completed a Tool Room Organization for Geoff Penske Buick GMC in Reading, Pennsylvania.

This particular dealership did not have a physical tool room to store their special service tools. In order to make this work, we drew up a diagram/blueprint of how they could utilize some space in their service bay area to have a place for their tools.

Charlie, who is the manager of the service department, built the tool room to our specs. As you will see in the beginning of the video, the tool room looks really nice. They also painted it a nice white color.

The tool room has two cells and we will be placing twelve panels, six in each cell, to organize their tools for this dealership. Since there is a middle wall separating the two cells it will give them two extra wall mounts. We put the panels on with plywood and two by sixes and two by fours. And they tie into an opposing wall.

They now have a really nice, organized tool room for easy access to their special service tools.

The dealership also has a separate room where we setup shelves for all of thier kits, fixtures and medium duty tools. All in a somewhat numerical order for easy access.

We also organized their recommended and double tools in sequence from zero to forty-nine, nine, nine, nine.

While cleaning up this separate room, we pulled out twelve boxes of obsolete and non-current tools.

Overall, a real nice tool organization for this dealership.

Tool Organization for Hanner GMC Chevy

Tool Organization Chevy GMC Dealership – Baird, Texas


Tool Organization Chevy GMC Dealership – Baird, Texas

We’re just wrapping up here at…Hanner Chevrolet GMC…in Baird, Texas.

And this is the way it came out. This is a fifteen panel job…with two shelves, and…uuhhh, this is what the room came out like…

You can see we have six panels mounted on that wall…

aannnddd, over on the other wall we have nine.

They have two panels for growth. Back in here I have…the recommended tools broke down from zero to forty-four nine, nine, nine.

And, the containers are labeled – as you can see there.

And then, here’s their kits and they’re all lebeled…in somewhat of a numerical sequence.

I have some more recommended tools over here. And then we also have an upstairs on this job.

We worked for John…and Mark Hanner…here. Met some awesome guys. Met Chris, and clutch and Joel – some awesome guys down here, and uh…

Great place to work, great attitudes…excited about – there’s Chris right there – say hey? And uh…I’ll show you the upstairs.

Here’s the upstairs – they had these shelves…this used to have tools all up on the walls up here.

Over here, we mounted the engine stand stuff.

We have some of the kits that wouldn’t fit downstairs up here.

The ones they are not going to use very often.

Over here is non-current tools. We utilized these shelves for their fixtures…

And, with that…I’m going to thank Tool Org for the job and we’re going to thank God for his help as always, and with that we are going to shut er’ down.