Chevrolet Automotive Tool Room Organization Solutions Austin TX


Our A-Team, Woody & Dawn, traveled out to Austin, Texas to organize a Chevrolet dealership’s tool room.

Transcript of Chevrolet Automotive Tool Room Organization Solutions Austin TX

It’s Woody and Dawn Lincoln, Tool Organization Services. We just completed a job here in Austin, Texas for Capitol Chevrolet.

This is the finished tool room. This is a Toolsguard job. Which means the dealer purchased Toolsguard that has an app on their phone along with the complete inventory of all the tools here.And, has a location of every tool and a check-in, check-out system that is in the app. They’re going to have a lock on the door (they haven’t got that setup yet).

They access the tool room from the app on their phone, check-out their tool (you can see there is a QR code on each kit). So, it gives an accountability for each tool or kit that they have.This is our rack system that Tool Organization Services makes. These are great for your recommended and double tools.

They are all broke down in numerical order. These are all included in the data and is stated as a recommended tool in a recommended tote so they can come over here and get it out. If they want to keep it they can place it on the panels.

Chevrolet Automotive Tool Room Organization Solutions project with Toolsguard at Capitol City, Austin, Texas


These are the shelves that we use to organize the kits. We use these small totes for tools that have a lot of assembly to them.

These include the QR codes too.Even these smoke machines and things like that will have the QR code on them. Everything will be in their system categorized that they have it. And we labeled these shelves too, with all their fixtures.These are all the non-current tools that we took out of the system. They had quite a few.

There are some of the non-current kits. We just put everything back here for them.We have the panels. They had three existing panels and we used those, we just cleaned them up. You can see the new panels here with four extra panels that they can use for growth.It’s a nice sized tool room.

It’s up in a mezzanine. We’re excited on how it turned out. Todd & Dempsey helped us on this particular project. We are all set and ready to go. Would like to thank Tool Org for the job and God for his help.

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