Chevrolet Tool Storage Organization

Our A-Team traveled out to Daphne, Alablama to perform a Chevrolet tool storage organization project.

Watch us makeover a Chevy dealer with our tool storage organization system in Alabama.

Transcript of Our Chevrolet Tool Storage Organization

Here is an Chevrolet tool storage project completed in Daphne, AL by Tool Org’s own A-Team, Woody and Dawn.

We’re just wrapping up here at Terry Thompson Chevrolet, and we are in Daphne, Alabama. They built this little room over here and this is where we put their tool room in.

This is a sixteen panel job. Panels were setup on twelve inch centers. Everything in this tool room is in a numerical sequence, from lowest to highest. That’s how the whole tool system works. You don’t think about the alpha, the “J”, the “DT” or “G” or any of that, you just think about the number. And everything is in that number sequence. From lowest to highest.

External Photo of Terry Thomspon Chevrolet

Chevrolet Tool Storage Organization at Terry Thompson’s in Daphne, Alabama

This shows you that we mounted five panels over here. We had to mount 2 x 6’s to the drywall and paint them and that’s how that turned out. You can see back there, it looks real nice. Because this was a finished room when we got here.

We put little bumpers on the walls for the boards so they don’t damage the drywall. This shows you the recommended tools. They had this shelf when we got here, and we pulled all their tools out of it and we inventoried everything and then we re-purposed that shelf and re-used their totes for recommended tools. They are all broke down by numbers as you can see.

This shows you what one of the panels look like. We’ve got spacer brackets on top to keep everything at a twelve inch distance. We use these nice baskets for these assembly tools. There shows you going down the other way.

This is a small room, but we made it happen. Then we have three shelves in this room and we have all their kits on these shelves. We have everything labeled. We also made them up transmission boxes, so all the transmission tools for these particular transmissions are in these kits. So, when they come to do that they don’t have to gather up a bunch of different components, they just grab that box that has all the components in there and go do their transmission.

We also have them setup with the dog-tag system here. Shows you their dog tags. They are labeled, so, when you come in to get a set tool, you take one of these dog tags – whatever the guys number is and put it where the tool is that he needs. When you return it, you put the dog tag back.

Ok. With that, I have one more area here. We worked with Charlie over here and Jason. Both of them are…I met Terry Thompson, the owner… all three guys were very nice, very helpful.

Back in here, we have their non-current tools broke down by numbers. Our recommendation is, when we finish here, that the customer goes through these tools, and if they see anything that they are still using in these boxes, to pull it out. If not, at that point and time, our recommendation is to discard them.

This shows you two more shelves that we built back here for them. We have their heavy fixtures and their electrical connectors on them. Eventually, this will be moved up closer to that room. But, right now, this is where they had us set it up.

Ok. With that, we’re going to thank Tool Org. for the job. We’re going to thank God for His help as always.

Once again, if you need to have your tool system done, you should look on the web for “Tool Organization Services” and them are the people you contact. Even if you need just a consultation, that would be who you contact. They’ll direct you on what’s going to be best for your particular situation.

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Matt English is the Operations Manager of Tool Organization Service in Lapeer, Michigan. He assists OE dealership service departments in the management of their valuable special service tool inventory.