Fixed Operations - Profit Center

Fixed operations, like every other department at a dealership, needs to produce results – financial profit. Profit comes by taking care of the customer, through efficiency and productivity, and utilizing assets to their fullest potential.

Getting organized tackles all three of these profit centers.

  1. Customers appreciate it when a repair is completed quickly and properly (the first time). Having the special service tools organized and available to complete the repair makes this possible.

  2. There is a tremendous increase in efficiency and productivity when special service tools can be found easily, used, and returned to their proper location. Technicians don’t waste valuable time searching, hunting for tools.

  3. A typical dealership can have $200,000 or more in special service tools. That’s a lot of money invested into assets that cannot be used, if they cannot be found. Tool Organization Service provides a complete inventory of these assets. Tools: Find them. Use them. Know what you have.

It is sometimes difficult for the “financial decision maker” to see the value, the return on investment, in getting organized. So we created some “tools” (see below) that are designed to clearly and concisely highlight the benefits, costs, and requirements for Special Tool organization.

If you haven’t already, please Contact Us for a quote for your Special Service Tool Organization System and Service. We will create a custom tool room layout based on your facility and quote the appropriate System and Service to Get Organized!

Get Organized

Don’t let your valuable tools sit lost somewhere on a shelf or out in the shop.

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