Ford Dealer Tools Organization & Storage Inventory System

Our A-Team traveled out to Brownsburg, Indiana to organize a Ford dealers tool room.

Transcript of Ford Dealer Tools Organization & Storage Inventory System

Just wrapping up here at Bill Estes Ford in Brownsburg, Indiana.

This shows you how their project turned out. We set this system up with the Toolsguard Mobile App. So, if a technician goes looking for a tool they can type it on their phone or type part of the description and it will tell them exactly where that tool is located.

Everything has a label and a home. The kits have QR codes on them. If you scan that QR code, everybody will know who has that kit.

Kits that made good sense to leave together we left together and the ones that made better sense breaking we separated and we put them up on tool panels.

Ford Dealer Tools Organization & Storage Inventory System

Ford Dealer Tools Organization & Storage Inventory System installed at Bill Estes Ford Brownsburg, Indiana

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The panels are all labeled... and this is also numerical. So, say that for some reason they were in the tool room and they don't have their phone, it's all numerical. So, from lowest to highest number. It's a real simple system to use and they love it.

Ok. With that we worked for Justin and Pat, met Pete and Adam over here and they were a great group of guys to work with.

We also had to install lumber for them, paint it, put a floor in up here. So nothing... right underneath here is a parts counter and we don't want anyone getting hit in the head.

With that, we're going to go ahead and shut er' down.

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