Tool Organization Chevy GMC Dealership – Baird, Texas

We’re just wrapping up here at…Hanner Chevrolet GMC…in Baird, Texas.

And this is the way it came out. This is a fifteen panel job…with two shelves, and…uuhhh, this is what the room came out like…

You can see we have six panels mounted on that wall…

aannnddd, over on the other wall we have nine.

They have two panels for growth. Back in here I have…the recommended tools broke down from zero to forty-four nine, nine, nine.

And, the containers are labeled – as you can see there.

And then, here’s their kits and they’re all lebeled…in somewhat of a numerical sequence.

I have some more recommended tools over here. And then we also have an upstairs on this job.

We worked for John…and Mark Hanner…here. Met some awesome guys. Met Chris, and clutch and Joel – some awesome guys down here, and uh…

Great place to work, great attitudes…excited about – there’s Chris right there – say hey? And uh…I’ll show you the upstairs.

Here’s the upstairs – they had these shelves…this used to have tools all up on the walls up here.

Over here, we mounted the engine stand stuff.

We have some of the kits that wouldn’t fit downstairs up here.

The ones they are not going to use very often.

Over here is non-current tools. We utilized these shelves for their fixtures…

And, with that…I’m going to thank Tool Org for the job and we’re going to thank God for his help as always, and with that we are going to shut er’ down.

About the Author

Matt English is the Operations Manager of Tool Organization Service in Lapeer, Michigan. He assists OE dealership service departments in the management of their valuable special service tool inventory.

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