Tool Room Organization Buick GMC – Geoff Penske, Reading, Pennyslvania

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We completed a Tool Room Organization for Geoff Penske Buick GMC in Reading, Pennsylvania.

This particular dealership did not have a physical tool room to store their special service tools. In order to make this work, we drew up a diagram/blueprint of how they could utilize some space in their service bay area to have a place for their tools.

Charlie, who is the manager of the service department, built the tool room to our specs. As you will see in the beginning of the video, the tool room looks really nice. They also painted it a nice white color.

The tool room has two cells and we will be placing twelve panels, six in each cell, to organize their tools for this dealership. Since there is a middle wall separating the two cells it will give them two extra wall mounts. We put the panels on with plywood and two by sixes and two by fours. And they tie into an opposing wall.

They now have a really nice, organized tool room for easy access to their special service tools.

The dealership also has a separate room where we setup shelves for all of thier kits, fixtures and medium duty tools. All in a somewhat numerical order for easy access.

We also organized their recommended and double tools in sequence from zero to forty-nine, nine, nine, nine.

While cleaning up this separate room, we pulled out twelve boxes of obsolete and non-current tools.

Overall, a real nice tool organization for this dealership.

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Matt English is the Operations Manager of Tool Organization Service in Lapeer, Michigan. He assists OE dealership service departments in the management of their valuable special service tool inventory.

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