Increasing Efficiency Through Tool Organization

We inventory and organize special service tools for
Auto and Truck dealerships across North America!

Organized Tool Room

We identify, inventory, sort, and ultimately organize special service tools so they can be found quickly, used, and easily returned to their proper location.

The TOS concept is based on visibility and numeric sequence. If you know the tool number, you can find the tool. We are the Solution for Special Tools!

Messy Tool Room

Don’t let your valuable tools sit lost somewhere on a shelf or out in the shop.

Get Organized!

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The Value of Tool Organization

Every dealership service department has Special Service Tools (as determined by the OEM) that allow them to complete vehicle repairs properly and efficiently. The time required to complete the vehicle repair correlates directly with the time involved in “finding” the special tool to make the repair. When the tool is located quickly, the repair can go forward.

But when the tool cannot be located, when the tool is “somewhere” in the shop, the repair is delayed. The tech wastes time searching for the tool. Sometimes it is found, other times a second tool is ordered with expedited shipping. Meanwhile the customer does not have the use of their vehicle because it’s still in the shop.

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Benefits of Specialized Tools Organization

Benefits of Organized Tools:

  • Technicians can find, use, and return the proper tool quickly
  • Tools have an identified “home”
  • Saves time and effort (time is money)
  • Vehicle repairs are completed correctly with the proper tool which means satisfied customers
  • Inventory at-a-glance
  • You will know exactly which tools are in stock
  • Customers appreciate knowing you have and use the proper tools

Why Choose TOS Over Other Systems:

  • A Tool Organization System that is designed specifically for your dealership
  • All Special Service Tools are inventoried and organized.
  • Provides room for future growth (additional SST)
  • We provide the System and the Service
  • The project is completed efficiently and professionally by qualified specialists
  • A complete inventory list of SST on hand and missing, is provided upon completion.
  • The typical Tool Organization project is completed in about one week

What Is Your ROI With The Tool Organization System?

Tool Panel System

We understand that Getting Organized is a financial investment. The Return On Investment comes in the form of increased efficiency and productivity. The tools can be found quickly when needed, used properly, and easily returned to their proper location. More cars through the service department means more revenue. Calculate your ROI using the TOS ROI Calculator to see how quickly Getting Organized pays for itself.

The TOS Process Works With Many Different Facilities.

OEM and Franchise dealerships that have chosen the TOS System & Service:


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Truck & HD






Detroit Diesel

















John Deere





Entec Longhi & Cia





CN Railway









About Tool Organization Service

Since 1989 Tool Organization Service has increased efficiency and boosted productivity in service departments all over North America. We provide the complete Tool Organization System and Service: We Inventory & Organize Special Tools.

We do not sell tools - We understand that Special Service Tools are an important part of every service department and that Getting Organized is a vital and necessary way to manage these tools as assets. Organized Tools are no longer lost, techs don't have to waste time "hunting" for tools, and every tool has an identified home. Vehicles are repaired quickly and properly, and customers (and techs) are satisfied. We are the complete special tool solution.

Organized Tools on Panels

Featured Recent Project

Rush Truck Dealer Special Service Tools Organization

Ruxh Truck Dealer Special Service Tools Inventory & Organization

Visit Rush Truck Waco website

Our Tool Organization Service A-Team (Woody & Dawn) inventoried and organized the special service tools at Rush Truck, Waco, TX which takes care of Allison, Caterpillar, Cummins, Hino, Isuzu & Universal.

Read the full article on the details of this tool organization solution. Don't forget to watch the video to see a walk-through of the tool room after its special tools were organized.

Meet The Owner

Matt English - ToolOrg Owner

Matt English
Owner - Tool Organization Service

"Our goal is to increase efficiency through Special Tool Organization!"

Matthew English is the owner and organization manager of Tool Organization Service in Lapeer, MI. He assists OE dealership service departments in the management of their valuable special service tool inventory.

At Tool Organization Service, our Organization concept with Special Tools is based on simplicity. Special Tools are inventoried, and then organized so they are visible, and in numeric sequence. We have Organization Teams that use our detailed tool database and Pivoting Panel System to accomplish this. They identify, inventory, sort, and organize special tools.


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