About Tool Organization Service

Matt English - Tool Org Owner

Matt English - Tool Org Owner

Since 1989, the products and services developed by Tool Organization Service have fulfilled the need for organization and inventory control of tools in automotive and heavy-duty truck dealership service departments throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We began with GM tools and have worked with nearly every OEM since. Heavy-duty truck dealers are a recent addition to our customer base. Anyone with Special Service Tools has a need for organization – and Tool Organization Service can be a beneficial partner in the organization process.

Our tool organization system is based on simplicity. All a technician needs to know to find the proper tool is the tool number.

It’s that easy!

To accomplish this, while minimizing valuable space requirements, pivoting panels are utilized. They display tools visibly, and in numeric sequence, thus becoming their own index. To find a tool, simply turn the panels until the tool number is found.

A valuable asset that our customers appreciate when working with Tool Organization Service is our knowledge base. Our tool information database is thorough, and maintained and updated on a daily basis. We know which tools are required by the OEM’s and which ones are not…

When organizing the special service tools at a dealership, we work with our current, recommended list of tools. That way the service department gets a complete inventory of the current tools and can access any tool necessary for warranty work.

Tool Inventory at a Glance Video

Get Organized!

Don’t let your valuable tools sit lost somewhere on a shelf or out in the shop.

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