Audi Tool Storage

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Chrysler Ford Tool Storage

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Our A-Team traveled out to Blackfoot, Iowa to complete a Chrysler Ford tool storage project.

Transcript of Our Chrysler Ford Tool Storage Project

Ok, this is Tool Organization Services, and we just finished up a project here in Blackfoot, Idaho. Tadd Jenkins, it’s a Chrysler Ford dealership… We actually had eighteen panels for Chrysler and thirteen for Ford. We have Chrysler on this side…and then, we have the three shelves here. We put all of their fixtures and their kits.And, I can show you a panel here. We have a wall mount back there. We put some of their bigger fixtures on. Show you some panels here with some tools on them. [panning up and down panel]. There we go, a nice full panel there. We place a label on each one.Ok. Over here on the right, we have the Ford. And then we have their shelves over here. We have all their kits organized by years.

Tadd Jenkins Chrysler Ford Dealer

Chrysler Ford Tool Storage for Tadd Jenkins at Blackfoot, Idaho

There is some of their desirable tools that we separated for them. And then they had quite a bit of doubles, and then also, in the parts department they have double kits. We had all them organized for them real nice. And then, these are their older from 1960 to 1990 kits that we saved for them. All inventoried and on their inventory. All right, that’s it. It was a big project, but they have an excellent tool room. And with that, we’re going to shut er’ down and head down the road.Other Chrysler Ford Tool Storage projects:Chrysler Ford Tool Organization Projects

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