Our A-Team traveled out to Creve Coeur, Missouri to complete a Audi tool storage project.

Transcript of Our Audi Tool Storage project

Ok, we're just wrapping up here at Plaza Audi, we're in Creve Coeur, Missouri and this shows you their tool room.

I'll take you donw stairs and show you after I get this video up here done.

These are their shelves. All their kits are shelves and they are labeled. The kits have their numbers on them.

This shows you their panels. Everything starts with the lowest numbers, and then it goes from the lowest part of our alphabet up. That's how this tool system works.

So, if a guys comes looking for a tool he knows how to find it. We put them up an essential tool inventory and we left them room to grow. As you can see, on some of these panels, there is room in here to add in tools as they come in. Because, this particular franchise, that's where they grow - in the tool system - not on the end of the tools system. At least, the way it is setup now.

This shows you their other shelf and their kits, how nice they cube out on these shelves.

And, then, downstairs...oh! One other thing... up here we have a... these are their dog tags, and each guy gets his dog tag. As he comes up to take a tool he can put his dog tag in the tools place. If it's a kit that's on a shelf, there is a tag on the board to receive his dog tags. That's where he'd hang his dog tag.

Audi Vehicle on Street

Audi Tool Storage at Creve Coeur, Missouri

Going down these steps... we have three other shelves with fixtures on them.

This shows you the shelves out in the shop. Other fixtures are out and exposed.

We took the tools out of these tool storage cabinets here and we hung them up some places for the bumper guards, and their target here...down in this equipment room.

Ok, with that, we worked with Matt and Mike. This is the second store we've organized for Matt. And, this is an Asbury Group store, and we thank them for the job.

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