Essential Mercedes-Benz Tool Storage

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Essential Mercedes-Benz Tool Storage

Essential Mercedes-Benz Tool Storage – Our A-Team traveled out to St. Louis, Missouri to organize a tool room for a Mercedes dealership.

Watch Video of our Tool Room Solution for Plaza Motors at St. Louis, Missouri.

Here is a tool storage project completed for a Mercedes Benz dealership in Creve Coeur, Missouri by Tool Org’s own A-Team, Woody and Dawn.

Ok, we’re just wrapping up here at Plaza Motors in St. Louis Missouri. And, this was a nineteen panel job…custom panels. and then we re-furbished two of their toolboxes.

We had to mount two by sixes up here on the wall, we had to use a custom piece of steel to get out the right distance, but it turned out real nice.

You can see they had, like a…we left this old Kuze system up here because it finished off that wall nice and if we would have removed it, we would of had holes and lumber. We just took all the tools down, cleaned it up, left it up and mounted around it.

This show you their nineteen panels. We hung up Sprinter and Smart Cars in this system also. They are all hung up here.

We hung up all the required test harnesses, left room for growth. Shows you going down the other way.

Over here we have their three shelves and we made up these totes for their assembly tools. And we labeled the shelves…so stuff get back to where it belongs.

On the back of that board you can see we hung up some of their universal stuff…their belts, pop-rivet guns and stuff like that.

Down here, these tool boxes…we used these tool boxes for their spring compressors and CD’s and stuff.

You can see down in there. We put their spring compressors in there and we labeled them.

That particular cell there would have been for a tool they didn’t have, that they’ll be getting. Over here we put their CD’s.

We worked for Matt over here. We met Mike and Mike was a great help to us getting this job done.

With that I’m going to thank Tool Org. for the job, I’m going to thank God for his help as always and I’m gonna go ahead and shut er’ down.

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