GM Tools Inventory for Buick GMC Dealership

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GM Tools Inventory for Buick GMC Dealership

Buick Tools Storage Organization – Our A-Team traveled out to St. Louis, Missouri to organize a tool room for a Buick GMC dealership.

If you would like to see the tool room before it was inventoried, you can watch it here.

Watch Video of our Tool Room Solution for Dave Sinclair Buick GMC at St. Louis, Missouri.

Details of GM Tools Invetory

Here is a tool storage project completed for a Buick G MC dealership in St. Louis, Missouri by Tool Org’s own A-Team, Woody and Dawn.

Ok, we’re just wrapping up here at Dave Sinclair in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s up in this mezzanine.

Dave Sinclair Buick GMC Dealership

This was a fourteen panel job with three shelves. Here are the shelves. The kits are on there and everything is labeled and numbered nice.

These are some shelving that was here and we re-purposed it. Used it for some fixtures and stuff. We also kept most of their heavier fixtures down in their equipment room. We cleaned that up for them…and organized the stuff down there so the parts guys won’t have to get them.

This shelf you are looking at here, we re-purposed this with these totes (clear and blue) and these are the recommended tools and double tools. Then these are tranny kits that we made up. Some were already made, the ones that weren’t we made them up.

This shows you their fourteen panels…how it came out. These were on fourteen inch centers. They have two in a half panels for growth. Because, we made up the tranny boxes and we left some other things in kits. We even made up these clear coated kits here for some tools that make better sense for being in a tote.

We opened up some space on the board for growth, and down here are all the non-current tools we took out of their tool system.

This shows you looking down at there tool system from the other way. It worked out nice. We put plywood on the floor underneath the shelves here, so if something were to fall it won’t fall and hit somebody down below

We did the same thing underneath the shelves over here. Created kind of a floor, because we are on a grated floor system…and you can see that’s parts down there.

Ok, with that we worked for Brian over here. Met John Sinclair. Nice guys, great help and…let’s see…we’re going to thank Tool Org. for the job and we are going to thank the Lord for his help as always.

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