Mercedes Benz Service Dept Tool Inventory with Toolsguard Mobile App

Our A-Team traveled out to Beaumont, Texas to complete a Mercedes Benz service department tool inventory project using our new Toolsguard mobile app service.

Transcript of Our Mercedes-Benz Service Dept Tool Inventory Project

Ok, we're at Mercedes Benz of Beaumont. We are in Beaumont, Texas and this shows you their tool room after it was completed.

This room was setup for our ToolsGuard Mobile App service. Every tool in here has a QR code, so, when somebody comes in here to use a tool, they are going to have doors on here and they are going to have a key-less entry where they will sign into the tool room with ToolsGuard.

When they come in the tool room, it will record that you have entered. When you sign out a tool, it will record that you have it. Every one of these tools have a ToolsGuard tag, or, some tools like these totes, these kits that we make up, they have a QR code for ToolsGuard.

If a guy comes in here and he scans it, it's going to tell him that he has that tool, and when he returns it, he scans that QR code again and say I want to return that tool.

Everything is labeled. The panels are through seventeen in this particular case, and they have a side "A" and a side "B."

Front view of M-B of Beaumont

Mercedes-Benz Service Department Tool Inventory at Beaumont, Texas Dealership

This shows you that we have some shelves over here with fixtures. Again, this is how it looks when all the tools are hung up on the panels.

We also picked them up this toolbox over here and we placed all of their strut compressors and spring stuff inside. They are going to set a vice up on here when they are working on struts, and they can do all their work right on the top of the toolbox.

This shows you how it turned out. Even fixtures that are on shelves have a QR code on them, so when you come and get that fixture, you scan it, and the mobile app software will record that you checked out that tool.

Here's what it looks like. We are just wrapping it up. We worked for Shaun over here and Wade, a great group of guys. We met Travis, he's the parts manager, he's the guy who's going to manage this.

This shows you how the cables look hung up on the panel.

We even hung up some fixtures over on this panel. Some of their bigger fixtures. So, with that we are going to thank Tool Organization Service for the job and thank God for his help as always. And, we are going to go ahead and get on down the road.

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