Navistar Truck Tool Inventory

Our A-Team traveled out to Westminster, Maryland to install a Navistar tool inventory solution.

Transcript of Our Navistar Truck Tool Inventory Solution

Good afternoon. This is Tool Organization Services...Woody and Dawn. We just organized a specialty tools here in Westminster, Maryland

It's Bare Truck. It's a medium / heavy duty truck facility.

What we do is, we come in and inventory all the tools and we place them on these panels, organize them numerically, by OEM's. So, this is Navistar and then they have Isuzu, Allison, Universal tools and Cummins.

We organize them per OEM and label the panels, which is nice.

Then, we have these shelves that we use to organize their kits, and we have some smaller totes that we use to organize the tools that have multiple pieces to them. Like this particular one, is a bench calibration harness where they have all the harnesses.

We put them all together. You can see that the shelves look really nice to organize the kits. We put the number and description on them so they are easy to find

We also label the shelves to, here on this particular job. They are nice to have for the large items too, that the truck dealers have.

Picture of Navistar / International  Truck

Navistar Truck Tool Inventory at Westminster, Maryland

Over here they actually...they purchased the rack system that Tool Organization Service offers. It comes with the totes. These organize their big harnesses, their non-current tools, if they wnat to save them, some of their high pressure gauges and hoses, power steering analyzer...

Stuff that's really big and messy. These totes work great and this rack is great also. You just pull the tote right out. It works really nice and neat too.

Alright, well, we're gonna wrap it up here. Oh! First, we've got to... I forgot about the dog tag system over here.

We've got the dog tags. They have their name. We put their name up there, and when they come in to take a tool, they take their dog tag and they put it on the tool they removed from the panel.

So the next guy knows who has the tool checked out. Then we put their sockets up for them. I'll give you a full view of the tool room looks like after it has been organized.

Came out really nice. With that, I'm going to say goodbye and thank Tool Organization Services for the job and God for his help.

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Matt English is the Operations Manager of Tool Organization Service in Lapeer, Michigan. He assists OE dealership service departments in the management of their valuable special service tool inventory.