Return On Investment (ROI) Worksheet:
"The value of the Organization of Special Service Tools."

Technicians waste 30 minutes per day looking, searching, hunting for special tools that are not organized. That valuable time is money that is lost. See how quickly Getting Organized pays for itself through increased efficiency and productivity. Complete the TOS ROI for your service department. Then call for a quote. It’s time to Get Organized!

Note, simply plug in the number of technicians and the labor rate to determine the Return On Investment.

Typical Example Estimate for your dealership
Number of Technicians 10 <<<<<<<<<< ( # of Techs)
Daily Labor Sales Gained x 0.5 hr. 0.5  
Labor Hours Gained = 5 hrs. Hrs  
Labor Rate x $60.00 $ <<<<<<<<<< (Labor Rate)
Total Dollar Gain/Day = $300.00 $  
Additional Part’s Sales + $100.00 $  
Total Daily Revenue Increase = $400.00 $  
Number of Annual Work Days x 250 250  
Annual Revenue Increase $100,000.00 $ <<<<<<<<<< (Your Annual Increase)