Auto Dealership Special Tools Organization

Our A-Team traveled out to McDonough, Georgia to organize a GM dealerships special tools.

Transcript of Our Auto Dealership Special Tools Organization

Tool Organization Service just completed a tool inventory/organization project at Bellamy Strickland GM in McDonough, GA.

This tool organization project centered around a brand-new service department, the perfect time to Get Organized!

As with every TOS project, all the special service tools were identified, inventoried, sorted, and ultimately Organized.

This way, starting out in a new service facility, all the special service tools are Organized, and procedures are put in place to keep the tools organized.

The Tool Organization System is based on visibility and numeric sequence. It is that simple!

All a technician needs to know to find a tool is the tool number.

The entire inventory has been recorded in a special Excel Inventory Worksheet for easy maintenance and review.

Procedures regarding special tools and keeping them organized include 3 important steps.

Every service department is a little different, but here is the basic plan: 

First, New tools must be checked in as they are received, and then placed into the system onto the Pivoting Panels in sequence AND into the inventory worksheet.

Assign this task to one person.
Second, Technicians must check tools out. The Tool Organization System includes Technician Tool Checks.

Photo of Bellamy Strickland GMC Dealershisp

Auto Dealership Special Tools Organization install at McDonough, Georgia

​​Each tech receives checks with a number on them. When he checks out a tool, his “numbered check” must go onto the hook where the tool was.

When he returns the tool, he can remove his check. That way, when a tool is out in the shop, everyone knows who has it.
Third, A periodic inventory of the special service tools should be made. It’s quite easy since almost every tool, once organized, is visible.

Review the tools on the Pivoting Panels making sure they are in place or there is a check on the hook.

If not, look into the situation further. A periodic inventory helps stay on top of the situation if things do start to get out of control.

Are you in the middle of constructing a new facility or thinking of renovating your existing store?

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About the Author

Matt English is the Operations Manager of Tool Organization Service in Lapeer, Michigan. He assists OE dealership service departments in the management of their valuable special service tool inventory.