Buick GMC Dealership Tool Room Inventory Control & Tracking

Our A-Team, Woody & Dawn, traveled out to Woodbury, New Jersey to organize a Buick GMC dealers tool room.

Transcript of Buick GMC Auto Dealership Tool Room Inventory Control & Tracking

We're just wrapping up here at Barlow Buick GMC at Woodbury, New Jersey.

This shows you how their tool room turned out.

All the tools are hung up in a numerical sequence. The boards are all identified... labeled one through fourteen with a side A and side B.

If a technician is looking for a tool he will go to his Toolsguard app and he can type in the number or the description of the tool and then it will pull up all the tools in the tool room and he can locate what he's looking for and ask for that tool.

He'll be prompted to see if he wants to open the lock on the door to access the tool room to get it.

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Buick GMC Tools Inventory Control & Tracking project with Toolsguard at Barlow Buick GMC, Woodbury, New Jersey

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Everything is accounted for. Every tool that comes in an out has a Tool ID on it so they will be signing them in and out.

This shows you what it turned out like... what the QR code looks like. They have a scanner in their app if they need to scan the tool and check it out that way.

This shows you what it turned out like. We worked with John Barlow and Dave over here. They were very helpful.

We think their tool room turned out nice. We also have kits on shelves and the kits are labeled. They also have a QR code and it also has a location on the bottom of the tag so everybody will know which shelf to put it back to.

So, with that we're going to thank Tool Org for the job, we're going to thank God for his help as always and we're going to go ahead and get on down the road.

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