Our A-Team traveled out to Peru, Illinois to install a GMC tool organization solution.

Transcript of Our Tool Organization GMC Solution

Ok, we're just wrapping up here at Jeff Perry Buick GMC and we are in Peru, Illinois.

This was an existing job. They had nine existing panels and they had us come out here and take everything down, inventory everything, clean it, separated out all the non-current tools and put them up a new essential tool inventory, cleaned all their panels and added in six more.

They had three shelves...this shows you their three shelves. Everything has a home... everything is labeled nice now so they can find it. Everything is in numerical sequence.

We also put up dog tags for when the technicians come in and get tools. Each gets a set of dog tags as he takes a tool off the board, he replaces the tool with his dog tag.

Here is a view of their panels. These are their old panels which are from the 1980's. They really cleaned up and turned out nice. You wouldn't even notice. That show you that.

Tool Organization GMC - Burgundy Truck

Tool Organization GMC - Peru, Illinois

​​Over here we have the recommended tools and their double tools. They had a lot of double tools. We broke them down by numbers (they are over there). We also re-purposed this cabinet that they have and placed their double kits, fixtures and made them up transmission boxes and placed them on the bottom.

So now, when they are working on a transmission, the technician doesn't have to go gather up a bunch of tools. He just grabs the transmission box, goes perform his job. Once completed, he puts his tools back in the box and brings it back and stores it in the cabinet.

Ok, with that, we're going to thank Tool Org. for the job. They are the people you contact if you need to have your tool room organized. Even if you need to just talk about your tool room, these would be the people you'd contact.

We worked with Dennis over here. We met Eric and Brandon. Great group of guys. With that, I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to shut er' down.

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