Tool Organization for Dealership Service Departments

Tool Organization Service assists OE dealership service departments in the management of their valuable special service tool inventory. The TOS system doesn’t just store tools; it organizes special tools in a straight forward, highly visible, numeric sequence.

By definition “Organization” is the action or process of planning and arranging something, the way in which the different parts of something are combined or arranged.

What Is Your Return On Investment With The TOS System?

Give us a call or contact us or click here to see what your Return on Investment looks like. The real profit begins when your service department can actually benefit from a valuable existing asset – your special service tools.

Take A Look At Our Case Studies

We understand, by nature, people are skeptical and want to be sure that a service they are going to invest in will live up to it’s promises. We have put together some tool organization case studies that we have completed for GM, Chevy, Ford, International Truck, Mercedes Benz and Honda Dealerships. Go check those out to see great examples of our service.

Tool Room Organization - Before and After

At Tool Organization Service, it’s all about Special Service Tools, and getting them organized!

The Tool Organization System and Service is:

  • Efficient
  • Effective
  • Affordable-quick ROI
  • Visible
  • Numerical Sequence
  • Simple

What Are The Benefits?

  • Technicians find, use, and return the proper tools quickly and easily.
  • Facilitates a greater return on your special tool investment.
  • Focus is on current special tools; older, non-current tools are identified and sorted out.
  • Easy to maintain!
  • Pivoting Panels conserve valuable space.
  • No more time wasted looking, hunting, searching for tools. See the ROI.
  • The Special Tool inventory includes all special tools at your facility.
  • You “know what you have” concerning special tools.
  • Your Special Service Tools are not just stored, but are organized!
  • Our Organization Specialists are available to set up the system, identify, inventory, sort, and ultimately Organize your special tools.