Tool Room Storage for BMW Dealership

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Tool Room Storage – Our A-Team traveled out to Arlington, Texas to organize a tool room for a BMW dealership.

Watch Video of our Tool Room Solution for BMW of Arlington at Arlington, Texas.

Details of BMW Tool Room Storage

Here is an tool room storage project completed for a BMW dealership in Arlington, Texas by Tool Org’s own A-Team, Woody and Dawn.

We’re just wrapping up here. We are at BMW of Arlington. We’re in Arlington, Texas.

Tool Room Storage for BMW of Arlington

This was a twelve panel job with three pieces of wall-mount and three shelves. We’re coming into the tool room, we mounted one piece of the wall-mount right here and we mounted the other pieces down at the other end.

This particular system, we had to put plywood on the wall to re-inforce it. It was light gauge steel on twenty-four inch centers. We re-inforced that with plywood and we hung the panels up.

Panels are on twelve inch centers. This, uh… the way we do this is, after we get done inventorying and we get the system installed we go about hanging up all their tools and we put them all in numerical sequence. They’re out, they’re visible and they’re easy to find. When a guy is getting a tool, it works like a big book and when he’s returning a tool, the same deal, he just brings it back.

Everything is out and visible. If they have it or don’t have it, you can tell that right off the bat. When we inventory everything we put it onto a database, we store all that and when we get the job completed, we fine tune it and we’re able to tell them, in that data, all the tools they have or don’t have.

This shows you what it turns out like. And like I said, all the numbers are numerical.

Back there we mounted some fixtures for them. Over here on the shelves… I’m going to show you these shelves for a minute. These are kits. These little totes we turn into assemblies. Sometimes, they’ll have a tool that they have a bunch of pieces to and we’ll put them in these totes and then we’ll label them. When a guy comes to do that job he doesn’t have to look for a bunch of different pieces. He just grabs that tote and he goes and does what he’s gotta do.

These are their kits. They’re all labeled. Their shelves are labeled. They have room to grow in their tool system. And then, back in here, we hung up all their test cables. And the same thinking, everything is numerical.

This shows you what that turns out like. And they have room to grow with their tools and with their cables. Back in here we have their ninety-eight and older tools containerized back here. If they need something they can go back in there and get them.

This tool room storage job was done by Tool Organization Services and to contact them, here is the phone number. See if I can get it so it’s not blurry. And that’s us.

With that, I think I’m going to go ahead and I’m gonna shut er’ down.

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