Mobile App Specially Designed To Manage Special Service Tool Inventory

Utilizing Toolsguard Mobile Application System

Are the technicians in your service tool department finding it hard to locate tools for a specific repair order?

Can your service technicians find, use and return tools quickly and efficiently?

Do you, as a service manager, get notified of when a tool goes missing or is lost?

How about managing tool maintenance and tracking broken tools?

If you are a auto or truck dealer and you have a service department, then you can most likely relate with the struggles mentioned above when servicing vehicles with your tools on a daily basis. Why, you've invested tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into the tools that are required to maintain & repair vehicles to OEM specs and standards. If you have no way to keep track of the equipment critical to your operation, then from the get go, you are going to lose money and time.

How do you come up with a solution to this problem?

Well, you don't have to, as we already have. We would like to introduce you to Toolsguard.

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What is Toolsguard?

It is a mobile application system for inventory management. Toolsguard offers a way to track, manage and automate tool flow - all from the mobile devices (laptop, tablet or phone) of your technicians.

The software collects information from these multiple devices and stores them into a central database, installed on a stationary desktop PC, that is constantly tracking the whereabouts of each tool in your tool room.

Toolsguard Software Solution

How Can Toolsguard Help Your Dealership?

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Using the Toolsguard software will give you the opportunity to streamline your tool inventory by making it simpler and more efficient by ensuring the tools your technicians need are available when needed. This will optimize their time and generate accountability among the other employees.

The Benefits Of Using The Software

Implementing the Toolsguard system in your service department will save hundreds of hours your technicians waste trying to locate tools that they need to complete a job, which will also significantly increase efficiency.

Lost Time Locating Tools

Outlined below are four of the main areas where your auto or truck dealership would benefit from utilizing the Toolsguard system:

Reduce Costs

Increase Efficiency

Minimize Risk

Facilitate Audits

Tracking inventory with certainty allows you to lower expenses thus minimizing losses and optimizing supply.

Give technicians the tools at the right time, and at the point of use to reduce downtime and work hours usually dedicated to locating tools.

Maximizes safety of your workforce and improve the safety of your final products with stricter tool controls and accurate use records.

Straightforward, simple audits feature significantly reduces audit times.

Our Customers Recommend Us

Amiun Official Toyota Dealership

At Amiun we work constantly thinking about continuous improvement. Our brand of Japanese origin instills this work methodology at all times. In order to improve the experience of our customers we endeavor to maintain a strict order of our workshops.

We recently incorporated Toolsguard, an app to manage and organize our tools. Without a doubt, it is another step forward in our constant search for excellence.

Ovidio Russo

After Sales Manager

Streamline Your Tool Inventory

Gain back hours of trying to find, track and audit your tools!