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Our A-Team traveled out to Kiowa, Kansas to complete a Chevrolet Buick specialized tool organization project.

Transcript of Our GM Specialized Tool Organization Project

Ok, we're just wrapping it up here, we're at Jeff Bryan Chevrolet Buick, and we are in Kiowa, Kansas.

This is a sixteen panel job with a custom installation and two shelves. And this shows you their new tool room. We're up in a mezzanine...

They had these shelves over here when we arrived here, so we utilized them. We have all their fixtures and engine stand components on them.

Down here, are their non-current tools that we've taken out. We broke them down by numbers. And, these other three totes, we have the recommended tools broke down by numbers.

This show you their shelves. The lighting is not that great up here, they are waiting on electricians to get there to do the lighting for them.

This show you their panels. These are black panels. They are custom panels. It gives you an idea of how they come out. They are on twelve inch centers.

This is a numerical tool system. Everything works by the numbers. It works from lowest to highest. So, no matter what alpha is in front of it, you just think about the numbers and you just go from the lowest number to the highest number. Which is perfect for GM, that's how they sequence out numbers, so their new tools will be coming to the ends. 99% of their new tools will be coming to the ends. And they (Dealership) have room to grow their.

Bryan Chevrolet Buick at Kiowa, Kansas

GM Specialized Tool Storage Project at Bryan Chevrolet Buick

​​​​This shows you their black panels. Let me push this down and I'll show you this again. Shows you what their panels look like. I wish our lighting was a little bit better up here for this, but you get the general idea.

So, we worked for Jeff Bryan over here. He is just a great guy, a great team over here, and uh... it's been a pleasure being here working for these guys.

This shows you the sign that they are going to have hanging up down their for their specialty tools.

Ok, with that, I'm going to thank Tool Organization for the job, and I'm going to thank God for His help as always. I'm going to get on down the road.

There is one more thing. If you are looking to have your tool room done these are the people you contact:

Even if you just need an evaluation of what you have, these are the people you would contact. They can evaluate if you have tool boxes, if you have panels... whatever the situation.

OK, with that, we're going to go ahead and shut er' down.

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