Chevrolet Auto Dealer Tool Organization

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Chevrolet Auto Dealer Tool Organization

Our A-Team traveled out to Albany, New York to perform a Chevrolet Auto Dealer Tool Organization.

Watch us makeover a Chevy Tool Room at a Dealership in New York.

Details of Chevrolet Auto Dealer Tool Organization

Here is an auto dealer tool organization project completed for a Chevrolet dealership in Albany, New York by Tool Org’s own A-Team, Woody and Dawn.

Ok, we’re just wrapping up here at DeNooyer Chevrolet in Albany, New York. And, this is an existing job that we came in and did a re-do on.

It’s a pretty chopped up room, but these guys made it work here. We installed this system five years ago and we came back and freshened it up.

We worked for Mike Allen over here and his team. Great bunch of guys. Some of the best technicians that we’ve seen in our travels.

This shows you what the tool room looks like. Here is Mike working, and I’m going to ask him a couple of questions after I get the tool room done. But, this is what it looks like.

All the tools are in numerical sequence, so if you are looking for a tool, all you’ve got to do is know your number and come to that sequence.

We started with the older tools back here and worked our way around. This shows you what the panels look like loaded up, and we have them an essential tool list up and any recommended tools that we’ve seen used in ten years of doing this, we’ve already put up into their system or anything they would like us to put up for them.

They had three shelves, and we ended up picking up a couple more. We really think it turned out nice for the small room that it is. I mean, man… we got a lot of stuff in here.

Back over here we have their recommended tools and they are broken down in numerical sequences in these containers. There’s two of them there. There’s two of them here. When we did this job we put in stops for the panels. This is drywall in here, so we had to mount lumber to the wall, put the panels up. They look like brand new. We cleaned them up and, five years later, you’d never know it.

We re-purposed everything they had here. So, that’s how it came out.

Begin of Interview with Mike Allen:

And I wanted to ask Mike how he likes his tool system. This is Mike Allen…

Woody: So, what do you think Mike? Do you like your tools system?

Mike: I absolutely love it and coudln’t do without it.

Woody: That’s good!

Mike: It’s nice to know that there is like-minded people that care about tools and have a system to make it easy to find the tools. And, if a technician walks in here and doesn’t leave with a tool in fifteen seconds, then there is an issue. And, it doesn’t usually be an issue. Having stuff on the spreadsheet makes it easy to maintain it, and you guys did an awesome job of again. You cleaned all the panels, cleaned the floors, re-structured a sagging shelf back there, the panels. Here we are ready to rock again.

Woody: Well, thank you so much Mike. Thank you for that too, and thank you for the time and the job.

With that, we’re going to thank Tool Org. for the job, thank God for his help as always and we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to shut er’ down.

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