International Truck Tool Storage at Lima, Ohio

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International Truck Tool Storage

Our A-Team traveled out to Lima, Ohio to organize a tool room for a Rush Truck dealership.

Watch us makeover a International Truck Tool Storage at a Rush Truck Dealership in Ohio.

Details of International Truck Tool Storage

Here is an tool room storage project completed for a Rush Truck dealership in Lima, Ohio by Tool Org’s own A-Team, Woody and Dawn.

We’re just wrapping up here. We are at Rush Truck of Lima, Ohio.

International Truck Tool Storage Lima Ohio

This is a sixteen panel job mounted on a steel stand and this shows you their tools systems and their shelves. There is a before video here on this particular shop when we arrived here.

And this shows you it now. You can see there is a big steel stantion in the middle here and you can see what that looked like beforehand in the before video.

There’s eight panels on both sides. We ended up using ten or eleven panels for Navistar tools. Everthing is hung up in a sequence, by their numbers. So, if somebody is looking for a tool, all they have to do is go to the sequence. And, when they return the tool they just go right back to it.

We leave them a dog tag system, so, if it’s a tool that is hanging on the panel or it’s a tool that is on a shelf there is a spot for a dog tag. And, our recommendation is that they set it up, so when a worker comes in here, we give them the dog tag, but when a guy comes in here he takes his dog tag ang he hangs it on the tool and when he brings it back he gets his dog tag back.

We put all of this on an Excel spreadsheet when it’s all done so you will know everything that is here. We’re dealing with more than one OEM with most of these shops. This one was Navistar, Cummings, CAT, Allison and Detroit Diesel.

Down here we have those tools containerized. We have the CAT, Allison, and Detroit Diesel. All their Navistar and Cumming tools are hung up on their panels. If it’s a required tool or an essential tool that they are suppose to have and it’s not here, we make a spot for that tool. These tags that you see here that don’t have tools, these would be essential tools and we didn’t find them.

We get into Cummings tools on these panels. It shows you the Cummings. We have a shelf for Cummings here. We label the ends of all their kits, we put them on shelves and then we label the shelf with the number. So that, if a guy comes and he takes a kit, he’ll know where to put it back.

We also cleaned up this area over here and put all their universal tools down on these bottom shelves. We made up this cart for their seal installers, and we made up another cart here for their pump, and them we hung up some more of their universal wrenches and stuff on this last panel.

We also hung up these panels over here for thier universal sockets, and then we re-purposed one of these cabinets for their test modules. So, all their test modules and test parts are in here now. Ok, that shows you this.

This particular shop had a lot of tools. They had shut down a shop. So, all of these tools that you see along this wall…these are all double tools. Also, this cabinet is filled…we have it filled up with more stuff, and the bottom is the same way. And these two boxes are also filled with double tools. So, that shows you all the double tools that we took out of the system. The ones we thought they needed we already put back in, but our recommendation is add in any as they go through them that they might want multiples of, keep.

Here’s all the non-current stuff we taken out. We went and picked up these extra totes, because we ran out of the totes that we had and we put all their stuff that needs to be gone through. Basically, it’s pieces of stuff and old stuff.

We worked for Todd and Josh over here. This took us six days. We’re just getting this thing wrapped up on Saturday and with that we’re going to thank Tool Org for the job. We’re going to thank God for his help as always and I’m going to go ahead and shut er’ down.

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