Our A-Team traveled out to Fayetteville, Tennessee to complete a Chrysler tool storage project.

Transcript of Our Chrysler Tool Storage project

Ok, we're just wrapping up here. We are in Fayettevill, Tennessee. This was Fayetteville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram store and this is a panel tool system that we've installed here.

This puts all their tools out. They're visible, in numerical sequence. We enter all this information into a database so that they can tell, they can sit at their station, and see if they have or don't have the tool. We make allowances for all the tools they are suppose to have and we put them up on an essential tool list, and we also, leave them room for growth.

That is, new tools come in, like we know new tools are coming in, and this area here. So, we leave them room to place their new tools on. We leave them room on their shelves. They have room for new kits and new fixtures that will also be coming in.

We also put them up a dog tag system and we usually, put in a sign-in / sign-out on their tool inventories. So, we are finishing this on Friday. By Monday morning they will have a tool inventory sitting on their computer that will show everything that they have.

This shows you their kits. They are all labeled, easy to find. And their fixtures...We have all these shelves organized and in numerical sequences. We make them up little kits where it works out best to put it in one of these little totes. We'll put all of the loose pieces in their and we'll make that into a kit.

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Tool Organization at Fayetteville, Tennessee

​This shows you what it turned out like. We worked for Sharon and Sasha over here, and Eddie. A great group, and could I see the inside of a panel real quick dear?

Here's my beautiful bride. This is what the inside of a panel looks like. When we get it all done, we use baskets, bags, hooks, totes, whatever is going to work best for it. This shows you another one.

Ok, with that I'm going to go ahead and thank Tool Org for the job.

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